Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Dec 20

Run Spirited: The top 20 most inspirational ultra runners of 2019. If I were voting for MIUOTY (?), I’d point directly to this interview with Carol Seppilu. You?

iRunFar: Great essay by Zach Miller and OCR’s Kimber Mattox about what’s in their toolbox. Do they know what to do with each “tool”? When to use it? And how to make a plan in the first place. Good read.

Check this out: An all women and girls trail and ultrarunning calendar for 2020. Limited quantity…better get on it!

Uhan: Joe Uhan offers up his alternate idea to “saving” the Western States Endurance Run and the lottery. What do you think?
I’ve got my own ideas and will publish something when I’m upright.

This is the beauty of running—to run is to risk failure. To dream and set big goals will not only ensure you risk failure but will also promise that at some point you fail to achieve those audacious goals. As runners we not only feel this during races but we also feel it every week in training, we feel the ebb and flow of strength and weakness, good training days and bad training days.

To run is to risk failure. Excellent piece about taking on big goals and what it means when we fall short.

Irish Times: Who or what was the global sports star of 2019? Hard to argue with that answer. I think we’ll look back at pre-2019 the same we look at pre-Dick Fosbury or pre-tartan tracks…a monumental shift occurred and everything is different afterwards.

I was familiar with the name and a few accomplishments, but had no idea how deep Kevin Setnes went into ultrarunning history. He’s the latest inductee into the Ultrarunning Hall of Fame for 2019.

An end to North Face Endurance Championship as we know it? They just released this statement this morning:

To our Endurance Challenge Series family,

It’s with mixed emotions that after 13 incredible years, we will be breathing new life into this special event. Although it’s hard to see something you love change, we couldn’t be prouder and more excited to bring you new trail racing opportunities that push the boundaries of the sport and introduce even more runners to the community. 2020 will mark an exciting next chapter in our brand’s long history of trail running and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

Stay tuned for an update coming your way soon!

See you on the trail in 2020,
The North Face

Hope you caught our latest interview with Bethany Patterson. We talk about frozen eyeballs, Hellgate, Doc Horton, Western States, balancing kids and workouts, spouses, and a whole lot more.

Speaking of Hellgate, here’s Ryne Anderson’s report from the storied race in Virginia.

Runner’s World: How to run an ultramarathon.

Japan Running News: I’m fascinated by this iron-injection trend that’s going on in Japan. Can someone tell me what benefit it’s supposed to provide? Likewise, what are the drawbacks and side effects? And what are the USADA thresholds stateside? Has anyone been popped in the US for this? I’d never heard of anything like this prior to last week.

This guy is running every street in Vancouver. Oh, the draw to hit North Van would be too much for me!

Vinepair: The 35 most important breweries of the decade. Pretty good list.

Taking most of next week off. Have a wonderful holiday and very merry Christmas everyone.

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