Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Dec 21

Friday Funnies: The best of semi-rad’s adventure cartoons from 2018.

Did you vote for the most inspirational runners of 2018? Choose your top seven and have a chance at winning a cool shirt from rabbit.

Anyone want to guess which seven women have the most votes right now? (I won’t reveal who’s right until the poll closes on Christmas.)

Then after this love-affair section, s*it got real in my body. I was exhausted. I was still moving along at a decent clip, on pace to break 8-hours, 26-minutes ahead of the FKT. I had a few bathroom breaks, but I made them quick. The soft sand was easy to dig into. I stopped eating entirely at 7-hours to prevent more bathroom breaks. I bonked hard, but knew that this is what would be the fastest way.

Full report and great pics from Clare’s FKT on the Zion Traverse.

I don’t know much about the project or case, but what I read here, I like: Judge knocks down permit for gas pipeline that would cross the Appalachian Trail.

Zwift is certainly finding its place in the cycling market. Has anyone tried the running version?

This 8 year old just ran a 3:32 marathon. And he’s got leukemia.

John Kelly was the last finisher of Barkley (interview), and he’s also an Ironman competitor. Here’s his report from IM Arizona.

Outside covers the Roche’s new book The Happy Runner.

Looking for that perfect present for the runner in your life who can take time off work and appreciates adventure? Rickey Gates’ latest project may be the perfect gift: A rambling bus tour of the best trail running in the west.

Or there’s this bit of unadulterated van porn.

Friday non-funny: Poignant and touching 3 minute film about a life cut short.

Frosty talks about how she’s balancing pregnancy and running. Do you read her writing with a Kiwi accent too, or is it just me?

No news early next week. Have a very Merry Christmas, be safe, and run well.

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