Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Dec 7

Here’s a good run down of went down at Ultra Trail Cape Town. Anyone have more details on Krar’s drop? Was it just a bad day or is something more long term?

Jason had Pete Kostelnick on his show to talk about his incredible Alaska to Key West run. Give it a listen here.

Stereotypes are real, folks: Aussie guy gets attacked by roo but doesn’t drop his beer.

Speaking of beer, I know there are quite a few home and pro brewers out there. But I’ll bet you’re not as fast as this dude.

Some of the junior XC nationals will be streamed here.

Miwok 100k lottery results. I’m in! Looks like everyone is.


Yesterday morning I had OCR media guy Matt B. Davis on the show to talk about not just the spectator fee situation, but about the $1,000,000 that Skyrunning champ Jonathan Albon is running for this weekend. Good talk that hopefully cleared some things up.  Here’s the episode.

In that interview, Matt talked about Warrior Dash…turns out, they’re hiring for a Marketing Manager position. Info here. Tip: If ya get the job, emphasize the importance of not charging kids to watch their mom race.

OK, so catch me up. Who exactly has the Grand Canyon FKT right now?  

OK, how about now? (Anyone making an attempt this weekend?)

Cool perspective: The logistics and fitness required to photograph Courtney in a 200 miler.

Running a race in Eastern Europe soon? Be on the lookout for nuclear wolves with mutant radiation rabies.

I love this report about Amy’s run at CIM. She ditched the watch, ran with heart, and hit a 17 minute personal best. I haven’t run or raced with a watch in years after I realize how liberating it was.

Last bit on CIM: What makes it such an attractive and fast race to runners from the front to back. I agree with the author…it feels like a celebration of amateur and just-barely-elite running without all the extra hoopla.

Certainly interested in these new Inov-8s with graphene-enhanced rubber. The transformation once they hit the dirt is intriguing, especially with the focus on big miles.  I’ll make sure Ben and Sarah get a test pair.

Something tells me that this college also has a pretty attractive student body.

Sarah got a boost of motivation from a box of old pictures and is signing up for races in 2019. Funny how strong images and words can be!

WooHoo! Outdoor Retailer cut to three days. Good move by the organizers, but now won’t the new last day be the dead one?

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