Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 1

After a bit of success in road races, track events, and some wins in XC, Kenya’s hosting it’s first trail running championship.

Read this: What makes a long run suck, but why you do it anyways.

Check out our latest podcast with Amy Puzey: Amy’s training went right, her predictor runs were spot on, but when she lined up in Houston, her legs fell apart. What went wrong? What convinced her to finish? What can she do next time? Also: Balancing training, working, and raising SIX kids successfully.

Speaking of balance, here’s an article about Zachary Ornelas who trains for ultramarathons and marathons concurrently while working as a high school English teacher and coach.

Taking incremental steps and creating patterns to reach fitness goals. Good story about doing 1,000 push ups in one day.

Between Uggs and HOKA, Deckers hikes their outlook for earnings. Now just combine those (wool lined HOKAs?) for an entirely new channel!

Pic taken from Auburn Ultrarunners FB group.

So apparently someone (State? County?) put up a chainlink fence on the iconic No Hands Bridge, now making it look like a walkway in a prison yard. The fence/wall debate rages on!

Four thousand mile trail from Washington state to the East Coast is taking shape.

The craft beer scene is not exclusive to the US. Here are the 50 best craft brews in Australia. Takes me back to 2009 when I ran 12 hours around a park and asked my (extremely pregnant) wife to bring me food and beer. She showed up with Del Taco and a couple cans of Fosters. I posted a picture of my beverage and the anger and vitriol from Australians was hilarious. The beer tasted like sh*t and I said as much, but the very fact I was drinking it sent the Aussies into a tail spin of guilt and shame.

What’d you do this week? Mike Wardian spent Wed running a marathon in Antartica (3:16), Thursday running a marathon in South Africa (2:57). Tomorrow they’ll be in Perth, the next day Dubai, and then Spain.

If you’ve got a few minutes, read this story about an Olympic hopeful Cat-1 cyclist who moonlighted as a bank robber.

Seven miles into a marathon, she found a stray puppy. Of course she picked it up, finished the race with it, and took it home to be with her other dogs.

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be doing some mud running with the little one.


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