Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 15

Press conference with Travis Kauffman, the mountain lion dude. Wow, what a composed and cool guy! A one minute encounter with a cat would be horrific, and his went on for ten times that long…incredible!

Life goals: Send kids off to college and run a hundred miler with my wife.

I’ll admit to not understanding at all what Lucho is writing about here. Is he breaking down personality types with their corresponding race distances?

Woohoo! Non alcoholic beer an effective post workout covey drink.

Let’s see where this goes: Athletes start group (union?) that will represent their interests with the IOC and other governing bodies. Initial targets seem to be more consistent WADA guidelines and the dismantling of Rule 50, the rule that dictates logo placement and sponsor mentions.

I’m a bit of a privacy nut and the thought of having my “smart” shoes hacked and tracked drives me crazy. You?

I posted a new podcast yesterday where I go into a bit more depth with some hot MUT news stories and answer questions about my vision issue. Also, big thanks to those who reached out with translation help! I’ve got it figured out now. Much love.

What makes our sport special: The celebration and regard we have for those in very last place. Here’s a great story about three guys finishing Tarawera 100M last weekend.

I love stuff like this: Two guys have suspicions about the length of a marathon course, fly to Abu Dhabi with a calibrated wheel, and determine that the championship course was about 200m short.

If you’re not following Davy Crockett’s UltrarunningHistory site and podcast, you’re missing out. Here he lays out the history of the 100 miler.

Paul Ryan was scrutinized for his “sub three hour marathon” comment, now a Chicago mayoral candidate is facing similar scrutiny with her Ironman claims.

Uncle Larry writes about wet weather trail running and what not to do.

Enjoy your weekend. Got running plans?

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