Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 2

Peak Performance Guys: Being resilient is not about bouncing back. Good read that’ll make you think.

Yes! AJW writes about the increasingly long list of rules in trail and ultramarathon racing. I’d add “mandatory gear requirements” to the list.

Not news: Teens who seek acceptance and affirmation on their phones are not as happy as kids who play sports IRL. Duh, obvi.

Did you hear our latest interview with Natalie Larson? She’s had a LOT of experiences packed into 33 years (NASA, a stint at a monestary, naked 5ks, IPAs), not the least being her epic 1200 mile OKT up the California Coast. I’m anxious to see her take on a 200 or a format like Big’s Backyard Ultra. Fun interview with lots of laughs.

Hey Congress and Mr. President: Please include trail building in your infrastructure bills. Please make them the most beautiful and most fantastic trails EVER.

From being a servant in Ghana to a top runner at Annapolis, Amanda Agana has quite a story.

Help? Our Garmin contact apparently left the company and we’re stuck trying to find our new POC. If you’re with Garmin, please shoot me an email at [email protected].  Thanks!

Short news day. Woke up late and I’m coaching run club this morning. Have a great weekend everyone!

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