Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Feb 23

Excellent post about making the decision to rest and recover from two time MDS champ Elisabet Barnes.

Congrats to this woman for finishing her marathon and Ironman, but I wish her message was one of “let’s get running so we can get healthy and lose weight!” rather than “I’m going to stay heavy so I can set records.”

Then there’s the lengths male figure skaters will go to to stay thin. Coffee and caviar? Yikes.

AJW: How to choose a tuneup ultramarathon.

We also learn how certain behavioral patterns formed by an addict can actually translate into mental-emotional skills that support success as a runner: things like single-minded focus, pain tolerance, and being able to navigate and even feel relatively comfortable with isolation and humiliation. All these, when properly applied to the extreme conditions of an endurance event, can yield positive results.

Excellent post on addiction and running.

Follow Transgrancanaria live right here. (My money’s on Tim T and Andrea Huser.)

I love this idea: A fitness tracker that measures your breathing

Ad: Looking for a hydration solution that doesn’t give you GI distress and sugar bonks? Check out S-Fuels right this way. Free shipping and 100% money back guarantee.

What does it cost to host and manage a podcast? Here’s a decent breakdown. The overhead isn’t horrendous, it’s the time that’s expensive.

Your Friday Motivation:  Find a challenge and go toward it. Why? Life is too boring and short not to!

Speedgoat Karl talks about his 40th 100 mile win. 

Under Armour has been anxious for more media attention, but this is probably not the type they want.

Getting back to racing after an injury or recovery can be fun and scary.

Stay tuned for a new interview from Black Canyon 100k champ Ailsa MacDonald. What did she learn at her first 100 miler last year (that she won outright?):  Nothing. She nailed it.

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