Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Jan 18

Adharanand interviewed Jasmin Paris yesterday after her Spine blowout win.

Near the start of a trail half marathon in Canada (or Alabama?), Ludivine the two and a half year old Bloodhound was let outside to pee, but instead wandered over to the start. He took off with the runners, frolicked with cattle, sniffed a dead squirrel, and finished seventh overall. O, Canada!

Who’s the biggest name in MUT running in the US? Overall, I’d say it’s Courtney Dauwalter. Here’s an excellent bio/interview with her from Damian Hall at IRF.

This tweet yesterday led to an eye opening conversation about something I’d never considered: Reducing a 2L bottle of Coke to fit into a small water bottle for a caffeine/sugar/calorie whallop for the end of a race. Ever done it?

Got three minutes to work on your mountain legs? Follow along right here with David Roche.

You heard us talk about the FKTOY award on this episode with Buzz Burrell, and here are the fifth and fourth top FKTs from 2018. Of those four, Andrew Hamilton’s stands out to me because of how all the factors had to line up in order for him to succeed. Nailed it!

Here’s a moving essay from an ultraunner/writer who recently lost her husband to depression and suicide and she indirectly brings up an interesting question: Are endurance athletes less prone to suicide because we learn to cope with tough situations during races? Seems overly simplistic at first glance, but maybe there’s something there?

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Best running tech from the Consumer Electronics Show. Yes to the Aftershokz glasses, the rest is meh. I love my Instant Pot, but can’t imagine how BlueTooth functionality would change anything.

Knowing that there are incredible trails in the region, but lacking any mapping or database, Ryan Ghelfi and team went to work and created one. Here’s more info. Nice work! Anxious to see the finished product.

Speaking of trails, as much as I love those of the natural variety, I’d also LOVE to see someone race a downhill urban course like this right in the middle of a city. OUCH.

A new book co-authored by Kilian Jornet about training and racing uphill is set to be released in March.

I get a few emails each day asking about the “most inspirational women MUT runners” shirt. Here’s the link.

Interesting how those names compare with the UROY winners. In order 1-7: Courtney, Camille, Darcy, Kelly, Kaytlyn, Keely, and Amanda.

For any aspiring British mobsters; If you’re a hitman worth anything, leave your damn Garmin at home if you go to assassinate someone or they might just track you to the crime scene.

More advice from across the pond: If you’re experiencing back pain, DO NOT INJECT YOUR SEMEN INTO YOUR DAMN ARM. 

One hundred skills every backpacker should know, but many of them apply to trail and fastpackers too. Pretty useful list.

It’s 2019 and I’m finally srarting to listen to podcasts! This one’s definitely on my list…I like how Sabrina reasons and I’m anxious to learn what she thinks about cheaters and cheating.

And more on cheating: Hee’s a good essay about the 90yo who tested positive and whether that’s the “cheater’ we should be focused on. Compelling and complex stuff in there.

No ultra content whatsoever, but Joe Rogan had Mike Tyson on his show (released yesterday) and it was phenomenal. Mike was a pretty polarizing figure, but it’s hard to not like the guy in the interview.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see you on the trails.

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