Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Jan 26

I’ve been known to call trail and ultrarunning silly, ridiculous, and absurdly unconventional a few times, and Brendan from Semi-Rad explains it all much better. It may not make sense to most people, but it (sort of) makes sense to us.

And more wisdom from Brendan: How and why to get the hell away from your phone. I ditched my smartphone a few years ago for a flip phone and made it a few, proud months until I found a way to justify an upgrade, and I’d love to do that again. Has anyone had any luck with smart dumb phones?

Awesome: Swimrun is coming to Boston. Anyone from the area offer any info on the location and terrain?

Very good: AJW discusses the personality traits that make for a successful first-time ultramarathon runner. I’ve got one of out three. You?

Excellent essay on the connection between good running and gooder writing.

Holy. Crap.


More Dubai results right this way.

Here’s a list of the best selling road shoes for winter 2017. I didn’t realize HOKA was that strong in road running.

Interested in learning more about FKTs? Buzz and Peter sit down and tell you all you need to know. The complete list of FKTOYs is right here.

Alright, you’ve got enough miles and time off to choose one of these races: Do you run a 50k in the Cayman Islands or a 100k through Northern Mongolia?

Nickademus (Hollon) DeLaRosa is the youngest finisher ever at Barkley. He’s had some trippy hallucinations at TDG, finished HURT, Western States, and Badwater before most people even discover this silly sport.  Earlier this week, Nick had heart surgery to fix a bicuspid valve and is currently on the mend in the hospital in San Diego. Heal up dude! 

(Sponsored) Looking for a hydration solution that doesn’t cause GI distress, sugar highs or the subsequent bonks? Check out S-Fuels latest products.

Relinquish the past and step into the unknown. Great post about how we grow by going outside of our comfort zones and looking towards the future.

Q: If you have no water, but have some other fluid, like coffee or beer, is it better to drink those or nothing? The answer is right this way. (But doesn’t it really depend on what type of beer it is? It’s hot, I’m parched and dehydrated, and I’ll I’ve got is a chocolate stout. Ugh.)

Again, the gray area of PEDs and TUEs. I have no idea how necessary the BioTe was for this triathlete’s treatment, but the fact she applied for exceptions and was denied multiple times doesn’t look good. 

In terms of outdoor adventure films, I started watching Warren Miller ski movies as a kid and never stopped. He passed away this week at 93.

What track and field can learn from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

ATRA names Brandon Stapanowich as a Trail Ambassador Honoree for 2018. Here’s our interview with him following his Nolan’s 14 a couple of years ago.

I released the Kyle Pietari interview to the $12 Patrons yesterday and will release it here later today. It’s a great chat…we cover everything from training, his M10 at Western (with a sprained ankle), poop science, PEDs, and running strollers.

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