Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, July 20

Forecast for Sacramento for the next week is triple digits. If I worried about getting sweaty or about others getting sweaty, I’d be miserable. Brendan finds a humorous approach to sweating without shame right this way.

This is the best ad for a marathon I’ve ever seen. 

Ellie Greenwood ultramarathon
Ellie powering through Foresthill. WSER100 2012. Pic by Eric Schranz

When asked to name the strongest looking runners I’ve ever seen at Western States, I’d point to Jim Walmsley coming through Foresthill in 2016, and Ellie Greenwood’s fierce determination in 2012. In this latest piece by AJW, he chats with Ellie about the historic run.

Following along with Dave Proctor’s run across Canada. 100+ kilometers per day for over two months straight…this is legit.

This is how the Japanese corporate team is handling the dirty test from one of its runners. I wish other federations, teams, and countries would follow with the same approach.

Fegy is all set for Hardrock. Here’s how he’s trained and prepared.

Fantastic live coverage of the race (with trackers) is on Hardrock Live. Can’t get the HAM radio feed to load though.

And for the record, my money’s on Bronco Billy and Sabrina Stanley. You?

And Philadelphia jumps to the lead in the strangest fitness trends division with…pig yoga.

Looking for a midwest trail ultramarathon in September? Consider The North Face Endurance Championship – Madison and use URP20 in the checkout box for a 20% discount.

Short news day…I’ve got some dots to watch. Have a great weekend everyone.

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