Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, July 6

Will someone buy this guy a beer and a new pair of underwear and get him a bear spray sponsorship? While training for the Canadian Death Race ultramarathon, he and his running partner stumble onto a grizzly and her two cubs. Chaos ensues, but they live to tell the tale.

While runners were traversing the trails between Squaw and Auburn, a couple hundred other runners were busy covering a similar event in Scotland. West Highland Way is tough to get into, a couple of decades old, and covers 14k’ in about 95 miles. URP friend Clare ran it this year while her husband made this short film that really shows off the trail and the race vibe.  Looks like a great event.

Uncle Larry’s trail running/racing tips. Short and snarky.

This year’s theme for the US Trail Running Conference will be Creating Opportunities. Whether it’s women, ethnic minorities, athletes with disabilities, or younger runners, the conference (held over Labor Day in San Luis Obispo, CA) will have discussions, panels, and speakers that focus on getting everyone on the trails. Speakers include Emily (Harrison) Torrence, Kyle Robidoux, Luis Escobar, Amy Rusiecki, and more. I’ll be there and will likely speak on the power of podcasting and getting kids on the trails.

If you’ve been on social media in the past year, you may have seen pictures of YiOu Wang running around the world. Here’s more on the why and how, and here’s our interview with her from 2014’s NFEC.

Want to hear more about YiOu’s coach Mario Fraoili? Here’s a recent interview with him.

Secrets for success at Western: Get 5+ years of running under your belt, wear HOKAs, don’t bother with a coach, use a Petzl light, carry a Salomon pack, and have a crew and a pacer. All the  runner data right this way, courtesy of the ultralive.net crew.

How are you supposed to train regularly and set a race schedule when your menstruation cycle is all whacked out?

Skurka: How to avoid overtraining.

Mt. Marathon: Norris edged out Max King for the win, while Allie O took a wise DNS. Pro XC skier Jessica Yeaton had all the qualifications for the win, while Norris went into the race with an ascent time 60+ seconds better than Kilian’s. Woo! News brief right this way, but you’ll have to wait for full coverage to show up on YouTube. In the meantime, here’s a video of a guy running it in a dinosaur costume. 

Now that it’s got a brewery, this former FLDS-controlled town needs a good ol rowdy ultramarathon to complete the cycle.

Stay tuned for a new podcast dropping today. Sarah and I chat with Traci Falbo.

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