Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, July 7

A main theme to URP is balance and making it work. Here’s a couple who run a busy vet practice and raising two kids, but still find time to train for ultramarathons.

Did you catch the latest Mountain Outhouse? Western States, ITRA, Women’s 24 hour team, and more.

Did you see the course guide for the North Face 50 in November? Still no word on whether the Golden Gate Bridge will have a lane blocked off on Saturday.

Excellent: When AJW was asked why running has been such a constant in his life, his answer is disclipline, purpose, and the capacity to dream.

Well….here are the seven new rules of (tech) trail running etiquette. Snarky and funny, but there’s some truth to them, right?

Great report from one of the toughest 50 milers in the country.

ProTip: If you plan on outrunning two charging black bears on a trail in Maine, make sure you’re a professional runner from Kenya.

We watched the TrackTown Summer Series track meet on TV last night and it was awesome. I’m generally not a fan of the “male v female chase” format for marathons, but for the 3k, it was pretty cool.  I hope they do it again next year.

Plug: It’s getting hot out and hydration is important. Check out the new and improved line of packs, belts, and handhelds from Camelbak.

A fair and unbiased analysis of the ITRA/UTMB/Hardrock brouhaha.  Seems about right.

This ultramarathon in New York sounds like a good time. Small, old school, and unsupported. But $85?

Evan Jager responds to the FancyBear leak that insinuates he has a dirty passport. A few of the comments are pretty funny.

Western States Round Up:

Maggie Guterl’s report: The Fall of F8. She didn’t finish as she wanted, but her captions are the best out there.  Hear our interview with Maggie right here.

Watch Jamil run 45 miles of the course while getting some killer footage.

Data on Jackie Merritt’s F7 finish. Listen to our chat with Jackie here.

Western States Sizzle Reel. Lots of great drone footage. (Yes, I still want to shoot them out of the sky.)

Altra’s footage from the day.

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