Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 1

Welcome to June. Kids get out of school and there’s a giant race in the mountains at the end of the month. This is what I live for.

Have you ever wanted to follow a GPX route on your smartphone without buying an expensive GPS app? Destination Trail put together this Android-specific video to help you out.

“I’m getting over a tough IT band issue.”  
“Yeah, well I got impaled by a six foot crowbar when I was two miles underground and I’m feeling alright.”
-This guy is running Comrades.

More Comrades: An elite runner talks about what it’s like to be tagged a “favorite” in a race. While most of us go into a race competing against ourselves and the trail, having the pressure of winning is something else entirely.

That August day in 2006 launched Krupicka into the ultrarunning spotlight and in many ways led to a paradigm shift in the sport. Reflecting back on it now, Krupicka cites some of the key lessons from that first 100 miler that probably ring true for all of us.

AJW writes about Anton Krupicka’s 2006 win at Leadville 100.  That race, run by that guy, had a profound impact on the sport as know it today. (Article has a rare picture with a shirted Anton.)

Attn Kiwis, or anyone looking to move to New Zealand. Need a job?Requirements: Social media, running, and beer. Pay: Beer, shirts, and a bar tab.

You heard the ad for the Mt Baker Trail Run on this episode earlier this year. Here’s more on this incredible event. (I suspect we’ll see some serious interest next year.)

Bad news: The western diet is overtaking the Mediterranean diet and childhood obesity is skyrocketing.

Competitor: How to stay safe on trail runs.

ultramarathon shorts
Pretty sure there’s no FKT set wearing these.

Looking for a new way to get in shape quick? Hot pants? Shadow shrinking? Naked workouts? They’re all here in this fun list.

A lovely tribute to Julia’s running and writing.  Still trying to process her loss. As another of her friends (Elke) wrote this past week, “Julia was a meteor” and I think that’s a excellent explanation.

“I was in the pain cave. I was limping, grabbed a bunch of sticks for support as I was walking down Molas. As soon as I saw the town of Silverton, I got super happy. I could see all my friends. It was pretty crazy.”

–Cool story about a former cyclist who’s taking up trail running and just completed the Iron Horse Route in Colorado. Looks like he’ll be a good fit for this silly sport.

There are plenty of ultramarathon coaches out there. So how do you choose the one to fit your needs? Is there a spreadsheet anywhere that shows coaches, services, prices, etc? I’d like to have one on the site.

Speaking of coaches, I was watching the Scripps Spelling Bee last night (don’t judge!) and was surprise/not surprised to see that there were “spelling coaches.”

I dunno, do I really need a gizmo to tell me how tired I’m going to be later in the day?

Remember our interview with Antony Famiglietti? While the ultramarathon career isn’t taking off, he’s still got big goals: Sub 4 minute mile at age 40.

Wait, is this thing trail-ready? No pacer, no crew, no problem!

Have you seen the film about Adam Campbell’s accident and return to Hardrock? Here’s an excellent way to spend some valuable Friday work time.

Galen talks about Pre and his impact on the sport and his own run-in. Meh.

Take a competitive trail ultramarathon runner/hiker like Andrew Skurka (interview here) and let him train for a competitive 10k. Here’s how it went down.

Neat race report from Brendan Davies and his wife. Great perspective!

You know those six pack rings that kill sealife? These new rings are made of wheat and barley and actually feed sea turtles.

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