Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 14

DCRainmaker: Garmin’s biggest competitor is their own software instability. I haven’t owned a watch in years, is it really that bad?

PodiumRunner: Some famous running writers (or is it writing runners?) talk about how running helps shape their ideas and improves their writing.

New Episode: I talk with Tim Lambert about his road to Western States this year and his mindset going into the Big Dance. After six years in the lottery, this Englishman is ready to enjoy every last drop of the race. Also, results from the “what the worst thing you’ve seen at an aid station” twitter thread.

WaPo: Please, “Canadian Researchers”, stay away from sports and from education. When your findings read like an Onion article, you won’t be taken seriously.

Sponsor: Check out the new line of compression shorts/bottoms from XO Skin…they’re made in the USA, they keep their shape, and most important (to my wife) is they don’t stink. Use URP for 20% off at checkout.

Outsports: Steeplechasers are tough athletes and strong people. Being the only out LGBT athlete at BYU makes Emma Gee even stronger.

Time management: Everyone’s got their own threshold for how much focus they can handle (mine’s admittedly low), and Kelsie is opting to take a break from competitive running for a bit while she tackles medical school.

IG/Allie O: Surely some writers and commentators go too far when describing physical attributes of athletes, but some physical appearances are also sometimes part of the story. Discretion and common sense must prevail.

AP: Kara Goucher has her first trail race this weekend at Leadville Marathon. Anxious to see how she does! (And media, please make room for everyone.)

Special happy birthday to Alicia Vargo. She and Chris just welcomed a premie baby boy into the family this week, and little Kai has already survived heart surgery. Whew, they’ve got a fighter! Best wishes to the whole Vargo clan.

NYT: It’s time to smash the wellness industry. We’re looking at you, ladies.

Western States: I’m guessing the two big stories for the men’s race will be Ian Sharman’s 10th run, and Kyle Robidoux being the first blind runner to line up in Squaw.

IRF/AJW: Here’s AJW’s take on which stories will be noticed.

You’ve heard me talk about my appreciation for Athletic Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beers (here’s another good piece on them.) Here’s a podcast with founder Bill about how they do what they do and what the future of NA beer looks like.

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