Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 15

Reporting today from Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe for the Broken Arrow Skyrace. Am I excited to see Francois run the VK today? Nah. Not a bit. 🙂

Good read: Zach Miller writes about his dark place. I’d assume that because he recognizes it and that he’s conscious about how it affects his running, that it goes a long way to neutralizing many of its otherwise debilitating symptoms.

Want to get in shape? You could do this:

Class goers dress in special undergarments, get strapped in and attached to mini-power packs that send tiny pulses of electricity to activate 300 critical muscle groups all at once. These electrodes make muscles involuntarily contract.

…or you could go out on a run.

ICYMI: An excellent graduation speech about working in the outdoor industry by semi-rad’s Brendan Leonard. Here’s our interview with him from earlier this year.

diana Fitzpatrick
Diana Fitzpatrick

Did you check out our latest interview with Diana Fitzpatrick. If you’re looking for trail/ultra advice and wisdom from an understated icon in the sport, be sure to give it a listen.

Hutchinson digs into the differences between mens and women pacing strategies.

Well this just made trail races in the Sierra all the more exciting. Great to see their successful reintroduction.

The Chesterfield Gorge Ultra in Massachusetts offered up four ultra trail distances for their inaugural race earlier this month. Three of those were won outright by women. WOW!

Ten type of squats every runner should do, whether you’ve got weights or not.

Any interest in a cannabis-friendly trail running retreat in beautiful Santa Barbara in November? Sign me up.

Another view of the NYT article about high school girl runners and their chances for success as they mature. The main gist seems to be “we need to stop focusing on these young kids and propping them up with impossible expectations”, but let’s be real…Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. The media (social and/or paid alike) isn’t interested in the best long-term solution and no matter how many (of us) want what’s best for these athletes, there are plenty of other media and sponsors who’ll ruin it. I’m not excusing it at all, just stating the obvious. Thoughts on a Plan B?

Kiprop gives up on fighting doping charge.

East coaster Rachel Bell Kelley is ready to line up next weekend for the Big Dance. Here’s a recent interview with her, and here’s our chat from a few years ago.

A Greek ultra site/magazine interviews Western States RD Craig Thornley about the Big Dance. Neat to see an interview from an international perspective.

Yep, I’m aware of the Eastern States 100 cancellation, email policy, etc. Waiting for the dust to settle, but big time bummer for those ready to race.

Stay tuned to the URP Twitter and Instagram accounts for more pics and info from what I’m seeing at Broken Arrow. 


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