Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 19

Ultrarunning: Sarah has a renewed relationship with ultrarunning after a Covid-induced break.

Interesting: Online tool that helps endurance race organizers assess the risk of hosting an event during the pandemic.

No running content whatsoever, but holy hell, that’s some incredible editing.

Did ya catch our latest podcast? I chatted with Leah Yingling, a runner originally from Pennsylvania (damn, that state has talent!) who’s been tearing up the Wasatch Range for a few years now with some big wins. She’s got a great story and attitude and shows off the coolest race shirt I’ve seen! Also, Gear Gal Lydia runs down the new line of rabbit shorts and tanks for women.

Looks like Coree Woltering is still pushing hard on his Ice Aga Trail FKT attempt. Anyone have a count on mileage and time?

Skurka chats with Stringbean about his Vermont Long Trail FKT. I haven’t listened yet but hope to check it out today.

CNN: The Into the Wild bus has been removed, citing safety concerns.

Juneteenth today and Father’s Day on Sunday. School’s out, weather is nice, and it’s time to hit the trails. Have a great weekend everyone.

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