Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, June 29

Jam Jam covers the new 100k record, Western States, Strava’s new ads, and all the other ultramarathon news from around the globe. #teamfakenews

If you’ve got any interest or inclination to run a 200, check out this great piece by Henry Howard.

Excellent essay about the spirit of Western States. I found myseld nodding a lot while reading along.

Anyone in the DC area want to be a “jogging” extra in a movie with some starlet?

Dennis trafecanty ultramarathon
That’s 75yo Dennis Trafecanty (red jacket) heading up the Escarpment on Saturday. He’d time out at Robinson’s Flat. Up next? Cuyamuca 100M.

Harvey Lewis making his way on an FKT attempt on the Appalachian Trail. Speedgoat Karl sugar coats his opinion below:

Be sure to catch our latest interview with Bob Shebest where he talks about how a race plan can go perfectly well until it all falls the hell apart. Also, Gear Editor Ben checks out the pricey but awesome Suunto 9.

I joined Jay Friedman for a fun podcast before Western. We cover the state of the sport (PEDs, deferals, East/West coast, money, special consideration, etc) and our picks for the Big Dance. We had some right and a lot wrong and I probably managed to stir up some angry tweets. Give it a listen.

Incredible post from Mike Wardian’s wife: Michael ran the Addu marathon [Maldive Islands] which started at 2:30 am (he slept 9 pm-midnight), finished in 2:42 then ran the 10K at 6:30 am in 38 min followed by the 5K at 7:30 am in 21 min followed by the Kids 3K Fun Run at 8:30 am in ?? min — here’s a shot of the 5K finish (which is when we arrived 😉). It. Was. So. Hot.

In the US, runners dream of picking up corporate sponsors. In Japan, it’s an act of liberating defiance to duck out of the corporate team and run independently.

Wanna win a pair of BUFF arm sleeves (like the ones Bob used to stay cool) or a custom Western States wrap? Contests ends today at noon PST. 

The making of a sports bra. 

Can we add this map to the East vs West Coast debate?

A race director reconsiders the real impact his events are having on nature and the environment. What do you think?

Catch Dave as he makes his record-breaking attempt across Canada.


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