Ultramarathon Daily News, Friday, Mar 17

A rough guide to fell running, and how it’s different from trail running and cross country running.

How ’bout some more bike ballet with Danny Macaskill. Incredible stuff.

No ultramarathon content, but advice on productivity (and training?) we can all use.  Especially those of us who work from home. How to turn “it” off and back on.

If I were an NOP athlete, I’d want to keep this article/study faaaaar away from Coach Al.  “Hi, so yeah, test results are back for electronic brain zapping. If I turn it up past the accepted protocol, I’m seeing even better results. Sure, it f&cks up the athlete for awhile and they forget how to eat with a spoon, but they’re not feeling any pain and can run forever.  I’ll be in touch. –Al”

Cool video from the Old Ghost 85k trail race in New Zealand.

Hayden Hawks signs with NATHAN Hydration. So now they’ve got Rob, Zach, Jim, Hayden, Sage, and Wardian. Wow, there’s your dream team!  Here’s our interview with the relatively unknown Hayden from just four months ago.

Great write up about the (un)importance of what message a coach conveys to an athlete immediately after a race.  I’ve been struggling with what to say to my daughter after hers and this gives me a good framework.

It’s St Patrick’s Day, so now’s a good time to revisit our interview with Paddy O’Leary from last year, right?

Business idea: Take coach’s and writer’s proprietary training plans, post them all on a website together, and charge people to access them.  Oh, wait, that’s already being done? Dang. (Not cool, runneruniverse, not cool.)

Meanwhile, Altra announces their endurance team (with new members) for 2017.  

Still no official word on who’s on the Nike team for 2017. Strange, right?

Ben reviews the Hoka One One Speed Instinct right here. In depth review with comparisons to similar shoes and a promise to report back re abnormal wear.

Zach Miller writes about aid stations both during races and in “real life.”

I posted a new Patron-exclusive episode over on the Patreon page yesterday.  I spoke with strength and conditioning coach Nate Helming about how and why to make our bodies strong while avoiding injuries. Thanks for the support.

Releasing a URP episode today with a fun guy from Alaska with some great stories to share. Stay tuned.

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