Ultramarathon Daily News| Friday, Mar 20

iRunFar: Our sport is made up of many eccentric characters, and in this recent piece by Zach Miller, we meet Craig the Ultrawalker. Great stuff, cool guy.

Iditarod: Meet Jill Martindale, the woman leading the 1000 mile bike race.

Go on a nice virtual run with Jamil on the Mesquite Canyon 50 miler course. These videos are helping keep me sane.

I was on Billy Yang’s podcast yesterday and we had a long conversation that ranged from running to current events to personal issues. Stay tuned.

What are you doing to recreate in place. Here’s how some Bay Area folks are still getting together and getting their workouts in.

CNN: Hey jogging lady, come on, you’re making us look bad.

Great news: Former fat guy with addictions kicks his habits and takes on some big trail races while motivating others. Sadly, I don’t think he (or anyone) is running Badwater this year.

Cool URP News: While Ben has been holding down the men’s gear review side of the site, our women’s gear reviews have been pretty light over the past few months due to some personal issues. That’s changing! Alicia Vargo is coming on board to test out all the gear we can throw at her and share her opinions and expertise. A former pro trail runner, college standout, and current running coach and mom, we welcome Alicia’s perspective and look forward to her honest and thorough reviews. Stay tuned.

More cool URP News: I’m learning to knit today! No, not for more of these. Who else is learning something cool?

Dang, this is so, so weird. Happy Friday everyone.

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