Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, March 16

Brendan from semi-rad joins Strava and writes about it. I agree that it’s a great tool for measuring activity and holding one accountable, but that it can also be pretty…bizarre. And hey, hey, Brendan will be on the show on Monday to talk about adventure, humor, and his latest 50 mile ultramarathon. Stay tuned.

Great article about how two elites (Mike Wardian and Krissy Moehl) fared very differently in an ultramarathon in China. Solid insight into strategy, mindset, etc.

Report and pics from Kyle and Ryne’s awesome trail run in the Smoky Mountains last weekend.

Good new media about running culture, but no nods towards any new podcasts?

“As runners that’s what we’re challenged with…we usually never reach a point where we can’t take one step more. We reach a point where we choose not to go any further because we stop believing that it’s possible.”

Itching to get away? Here’s an interview from a few years ago with Kevin Moore. Kevin bought a ticket to Spain, packed a light bag, and ran the Camino de Santiago with no plan or schedule.

Someone get this man some nut butter! Ryan Van Duzer runs a 50 miler in blue jeans.

NUC (No Ultra Content): One of my favorite musical performances of all time.

Even those with “dream jobs” struggle with 24 hours in a day. Good insight and perspective by Zach Miller.

Releasing the Rob Goyen episode this morning. My router bonked yesterday…sorry.

Ever wondered what type of gear Jamil uses for filming? How about for running Barkley? Complete rundown right this way.

Hmph. Any trail runners in WA know what’s behind this? 

Pinning a bib on is fun, but so is doing a big run with just some help from friends.

We interviewed Chris “Tarzan” Clemens a few years ago as he was moving into his Westie. Now it’s for sale as he moves into his truck.

Western States Endurance Run bib numbers have been released. I didn’t realize Karl Metlzer is running again…fun!


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