Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, March 22

Koop: Eight things ultramarathon runners can do to improves performance without taking any additional steps. It’s a non-hack hack and there’s great stuff in there.

Stulberg/Magness: What you do is not who you are. This is a common problem for people in our sport–including yours truly–because training and participating for ultras takes a lot of damn time and becomes your life. I’m anxious to check out Stulberg and Magness’ new book to learn more about how to balance my passions.

Unprepared: This is the conversation I do not want to be having with myself next month. I ran pain free 5 miles again yesterday, but that’s a looong way from a 50k and I won’t be happy with anything short of a finish.

AJW/IRF: A fun look back at Geoff Roes’ 2010 season that saw the epic battle between he, Anton, and Kilian at Western States, along with Roes’ other big races. Curiously not mentioned in the piece was that the battle at WS also the subject of the first of the modern day trail movies, Unbreakable.

FKT: Wardian is still in Israel and looks to be on track to set the trans-Israel record.

Well here’s something pretty cool. A shoe manufacturer reached out to me to ask about reviewing a new product, but instead of contacting me, they contacted the “other” Eric Schranz, who happens to be a prominent Biosystematics professor in the Netherlands. Well, he forwarded that email to me, and it turns out he’s a runner too and now we’re trying to set a date to get together to determine the fastest Eric Schranz in the world.

Brendan Leonard/Outside: Misery loves company, right? Brendan shows us the science behind why we suffer better with friends.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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