Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, March 9

What you need–and don’t need–to be considered a “real” ultramarathon runner.

I’m loving these looks back at memorable performances at Western States. In this piece by AJW, he writes about Nikki Kimball’s 2006 run in some tough conditions.

REI halts all orders from Vista Outdoors. 

So we all cuddled up on the couch and watched Ethan Newberry’s Where Dreams go to Die film last night. Here’s the first Schranz Family Movie Review: Van (6) kept looking for me, Sunny (8) wants to run it some day and recognized Jam Jam, and my wife couldn’t get past the fact that “Gary’s wife kept kissing him when he hadn’t showered in three days and his huge beard was covered in dirt and yogurt.” I thought it was good and definitely worth the time and money spent to understand more about the Barkley Marathons. Here’s our interview with Gary shortly after his 2016 race (listen to it…Gary’s an incredible guest), and here’s our interview with John Kelly after his 2017 finish. 

I’m at the In Shape Gym thrice weekly. In addition I ride a stationary bike four times a week, do 75 squats daily, and walk 2-3 mile a day…You’re never to old to try and pursue new adventures. I started climbing mountains, McLaughlin at 75. Diamond Peak at 77, and the Santos in the Swiss Alps at 80.

–More from Colleen Millman, the only 90yo+ woman to record a time for the mile.

OK, I really like where Toni Reavis was going with this, but wish he’d provide more direction for athletes who are looking to clean up athletics.

Three quick ankle strength drills for trail runners.

We toss around “100 miler” and “48 hour race” like they’re normal events for our crowd…which they often are. Then there’s the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Three hundred and fifty miles in -20 degrees while carrying 50 pounds of gear with you. Here’s Lars’ report from a successful finish after three previous DNFs. Definitely worth a read.

Nancy and Anita go trail running in Australia and learn their place in the animal kingdom.

So…anyone running anything interesting this weekend?

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