Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 11

Start your Friday off with this film recounting Adam Campbell’s accident and rebirth as a trail and ultramarathon stud.

The ultimate (evidence based) guide to recovery.

Cool new backcountry gadget from SPOT allows users to text using satelites without pairing with a cellphone. Seems like a great device for $250.

American women are making a mark on the sport of running. Will more kids follow suit? (As a dad and coach of 50 K-3rd grade runners, this is of particular interest to me.)

It only took me 14 months and an injury to finally take the bands out of their original packaging!  I had good intent when I bought them, but poor follow through.  Don’t you make the same mistake.  All those articles we see regarding cross training, stretching, strength and core work outs are there for a reason.  They benefit us in becoming better runners and staying injury free.

Learn from Saul’s story of consistent training and fitness that’s hamstrung because of an avoidable injury.

What it takes to run across California…the “short” way. I remember years ago when Sarah Spelt did this…it’s something that’s always been on my list of things to do. Anyone want to make a push next year?

And Ann herself was very clear, “I was racing for the overall win that year and every year. It’s just what I did back then.”

–Great look back at Ann Trason‘s 1995 Western States win where she missed first OA by a mere five minutes. Yo AJW, more of these, please!

Or can we take this idea a step further and talk about an adult XC league?

More on one of my favorite MUT runners on the scene: Coree Aussem-Woltering.

Aaaaand…here’s your most-clicked on link of the week: Anton Krupicka recalls an influential story from his childhood and weaves the lessons into a recent multi-day in the canyon lands with Buzz Burrell.

I like to run through the biggest puddles and tackle the muddiest terrain when testing shoes, and the MT2s proved to be stable through all of it. I was able to descend a mile long hill that was a mix of snow and mud with almost no slippage and I felt comfortable the entire way. You can definitely feel confident on a mix of terrains in the MT2.

–Check out Sarah’s new review of the TOPO Athletics MT2.

If there’s one thing drunk mice are good for, it’s showing that a hangover pill is on the horizon.

The Ultramarathon Race of Champions (UROC) is this weekend. Here’s a preview of the mens and women’s fields. The “you’ll get all the elites if you offer enough money” theory is proven wrong once again.

We’re having lunch with my wife and my MIL this weekend, while my mom is running and riding through rural Austria with my dad (while apparently visiting every brewery they can find.)  Happy Mother’s Day…we wouldn’t be here without you.



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