Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 22

RunSpirited: From the ashes of the RunBum debacle comes a new podcast from Ryan Ploeckelman. First guest, Iron Mike Wardian.

Comrades: An open letter to the runners from race management. (For reference, 1R=.06USD.) Cool to see a behind the scenes accounting for all the money and sponsors involved.

Hey peeps- I am going in for back surgery today at 1pm. I have a herniated disc that ruptured into my spinal cord and have been unable to stand or walk the last couple days. 

The doctors are optimistic that I’ll have a good recovery, but the rehab might be more of an marathon than a sprint… I’ll keep you all posted how it goes

–First two lines from a Facebook entry from David Clark on May 15. Unfortunately, David passed away from complications related to this surgery earlier this week. He was an ultrarunner, coach, vegan and climate activist, best selling author, sober warrior, and founder of The Superman Project.

Youth coaches: What are you doing about XC in the fall? If you’re affiliated with the school, I supposed that’s out of your hands, but for club or rec teams, have you spoken with insurance and permitting people yet? What’s the consensus? Trying to figure this all out and hopefully provide some normalcy for the kids. Thanks.

Ladies: Tips for handling creeps and harassment on the trails.

I don’t know what this type of filming/production is called, but I can’t stop watching it. Very cool!

ATRA starts a series highliting how/where/why some of the elite runners started trail running. Very cool and relatable! First up, Allie McLaughlin, Zach Miller, and Kristina Mascarenas.

Trailrunner Mag: Anxious to see how these small format races work. Kudos to the Vacation Races team for being nimble and adapting to these bizarre circumstances.

AJW: The virtues of the solo twenty mile trail run. I’m not quite there but will be soon.

SCMP: New study that shows consuming electrolyte drinks prior to working out is not a good idea.

RW: Fifth grade girl in NC close to 800 miles for the school year. (For reference, we’ve got an active running club at my kids’ school and the two top runners might hit 300.) But what I really like about this article is there’s—outside of a quick quote about measurements–no focus on the parents. Go Hailey!

Speaking of kids, I picked up this girls trail running shirt at REI yesterday for $9. Thanks for the tip Krissi!

What are your plans for today and this weekend? I got some new gravel tires for my bike and will be hitting the trails after this cup of coffee then Sunny and I are running the trails tomorrow. Weather is perfect, can’t wait! Any other events or FKT attempts going on?

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