Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 25

If you manage a bar, ultramarathon training often happens at night after 2am.

Max, Ruth, Sage, Megan, Ida, Rui, Mira, Emelie, Alicia, Matt, and more. Quite a lineup at this year’s Zegama Aizkorri.

When you’ve got an “A” race coming up on your calendar, it’s best to sit the “B” race out and tend to your injury. Wise move, Adam.

Prepare for your the mental ups and downs of your next ultramarathon

–Excellent: We focus on the elevation profile of ultramarathons, but rarely do we spend time on the emotional ups and downs we’ll certainly experience.

AJW previews some lower profile (at least compared to the Coconino Cowboys media blitz) story lines from the Big Dance. Camille vs Courtney. Speedgoat vs the 50+ record. Four past winners line up on the women’s side, and more. Four weeks away!

If you’re looking for a 5k-50M on the trails around Massachusetts or Wisconsin, check out the Endurance Trail Series from North Face. Use URP20 at checkout for a nice discount. (Sponsored.)

If eating avocados is wrong, I don’t want to be right. (Luckily, they’re health, and most importantly, cheap this year!)

Be sure to check out our latest interview with Lee Conner. Lee’s a dentist from Ohio who just won Cruel Jewel 100 and has serious thoughts on hill training in the midwest, NSAIDs, stomach acid, and why you really don’t need trail shoes.

More about NSAIDs right this way. This doc says we should listen to the pain, not mask it.

Friday Enthusiasm from Brendan at Semi-Rad.

Have fun at WS Training Camp this weekend. Or maybe you’ll be at Koop’s High Altitude Training Camp…where ever you’re running, have fun and be kind and thankful.

International Readers: There won’t be any Daily News on Monday. I’ll be honoring/celebrating the Memorial Day holiday with my entire family in Southern California.

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