Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 31

John Kelly: Excellent post that digs deep into his mindset as he takes on the Grand Round in the UK. Here’s his live tracker.

Wait, Crossfit got deplatformed?

New Episode: Check out our latest interview with Adam Kimble. From 5ks to 250s to The Price is Right, Adam has performed at the top of the field.

Are you a lazy trail parasite? Wear it with pride!

DumbRunner: Speaking of that, “This isn’t clickbait”, insists writer of clickbait.

And finally, Clare Gallagher responds with her own take on the issue.

Forbes: Ticks and Lyme disease are on the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

Semi-Rad: Lines you can wait in that aren’t on Mt Everest.

TrailSisters: Fitting hydration vests specifically for women, brand by brand.

That latest episode was sponsored by XO Skin. I only partner with companies I trust and I’ve worn the socks since last year because they don’t bunch up, they don’t chafe, and they don’t stink. Now they’ve launched a selection of compression bottoms that are available on the website. Check them out and use URP for 20% off. Don’t trust me? There’s also a 100% money back guarantee.

LetsRun: Sage chats with LR about his race at Comrades next week and puts on the winners.

LetsRun: RoJo is apparently going to interview Yiannis Kouros next week. That’d be like me interviewing a 100m hurdler…same sport but verrrrry different approach. This has the potential to be a total sh*tshow and yes, I’ll bring ya the link when it happens.

AJW/IRF: I see and hear this a lot…kids focusing everything on one sport rather than trying out new activities, but also see kids who are over scheduled and have zero free time because they’re always doing something organized.

Ellie Greenwood’s favorite trail workout. Ellie is known for putting in hard work and these really show it!

ATRA: Meet lazy trail parasite Beau Beard, the latest trail ambassador recognized by ATRA.

BBC: Racoon dogs? Wait, what did I just read?

So have you signed up for North Face Wisconsin yet? September sounds like a long way off, but don’t be that person who misses registration! Use URP20 for 20% off.

Happy Friday everyone. Nerf game tomorrow (cardio! sprints! agility!) then a long run on Sunday. Whatchya got planned?

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