Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, May 4

An unconventional mode of transportation, bizarre transformations of the human body, fierce determination, quirky personalities, an unshakable need to keep the body in motion…Those could describe many people in our silly sport, but in this case it’s about maybe the real most interesting man in the world…70year old long distance kayaker Alaksander Doba. Seriously, take a few minutes to read this excellent piece in the NYT.

Alexandra David-Neel

–And the most interesting woman in the world? That goes to OG Dirtbag Alexandra David-Neel.

And another non-running sport comparison that’s worth a read: What the jockey and the horse will go through at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, with input from Alan Webb and Nick Symonds.

Which running shoe company has the highest brand loyalty? Don’t peek.

School superintendent who consistently and mysteriously pooped by HS track is given an amusing moniker: The Pooperintendent.

More on the runners trots right here.

Ben reviews some of his favorite trail running sunglasses right here. (I’d add Rudy Project to the list for their excellent opthalmic lenses.)

This came up on a run a few days ago: What ever happened to Kilian’s Everest data/GPS/pics? I’m assuming it’s embargoed to fit into a packaged media release, but it’s been over a year since the summit and five months since the last mention of it. Anyone know anything?

NIKE makes another attempt at the trail running scene by sponsoring a campaign with ATRA this summer.

Kiprop responds to doping allegations.

EMU 6 day live tracking. Leaders have ticked off 144 miles in the first 27 hours and have five more days to go. Incredible.

Aside from the freezing weather (anywhere in the 30s is freezing to me, thankyouverymuch), the Don’t Run Boston 50k sounds like a great event.

More on gear here: Brendan from Semi-Rad writes about the enthusiasm and excitement we felt when we started acquiring gear.

Yep, if you want to be inspired, hang out with a bunch of kids who run. Not just their attitudes, but their free and natural gaits. Dax nails it here.

Soon thereafter, I lost the will to even want to run farther than that, because the entire workout was always a struggle. I couldn’t breathe, and it hurt everywhere, and there wasn’t a single ounce of joy in any of it. But every time I came close to accepting the reality of my own, personal pregnancy, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was just making excuses. Maybe it was supposed to be that hard. Maybe it was supposed to hurt that bad. And maybe I was just being lazy.

Running update from the Pregnant Panda.

A few updated principles to add to Leave No Trace.

Parents of young runners, especially girls: Would you prefer your kid to be on a gender specific team (like Girls on the Run), or one with both boys and girls? I’ve got my own thoughts but would like to hear discussions either way. Thanks.

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