Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Nov 10

Oops! I compiled Wednesday’s Ultramarathon Daily News but never published it. Here it is, better late than never!

The athlete’s guide to healthy grains.

Quick interview with Coconino Cowboy Cody Reed.

Two 60-64 yo women ran their butts off to receive age group medals at the NYC Marathon. This guy ruined it for them.

Did you catch our latest interview with Chris Mocko? Fun guy to talk to, and he really opens up about what happened at Western, what the sponsored life is like, his extended down time, and what he’s got planned for next year.

ultramarathonThat episode was sponsored by EPIC 5 Ultramarathon in Hawaii. Want to take an adventure in March? Run a 50k on a different Hawaiian island each day for five days!?! Trails, roads, beach, friends, fun and adventure. Run it solo or as a relay.  Find out more info here.

To our Veterans. Thank You. Thank You for everything you’ve done and do for our country and  much appreciation to your families for sacrificing so much. Happy Veteran’s Day.

You don’t have to have a gizmo strapped to your wrist on every run.  AJW enjoys the freedom of running without a watch.

The fattest and thinnest states in the US. Where do you live?

Science: Want to live longer? Don’t just focus on cardio…strength is important too.

Beer News: Sam Adams’ Utopias…the “beer illegal in 12 states” that made a big splash last week. Yeah, well, not really.

What’s the first rule if you see a moose in the wild: Don’t mess with it. At all.

Two new interviews dropping today. What was that about balance, Eric?


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