Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Nov 16

How to watch the country’s oldest ultramarathon this weekend.

Here’s our interview with last year’s JFK mens champ Eric Senseman. Lots of other top talent this year…should be great to watch. All eyes on Zach?  The contest between Leah Frost and Kaci Lickteig should be a good one too. Here’s rabbit’s preview. Step two: Trying to find a way to watch it live.

Last year Rickey ran across the US. This year, he’s running every single damn street in San Francisco. I know it’s a hilly city, but he’s putting in even more vert than I would’ve guessed. Follow him on #everysinglestreet for some cool photographs from his journey.

We’re getting the hell out of town. AQI was above 400 when I woke up, and my usually resilient kids and wife now all have headaches and coughs. I’ll sadly miss this awesome fatass/fundraiser being held in place of TNF. Kudos to Jonathan Levitt for organizing it and to The North Face for matching donations.

I had the Athletic Brewing gose last night and am continually amazed at the quality of NA craft brew coming out of that place. Don’t believe non alcoholic beer can taste like “real” beer? Try it first. NFI BTW.

Awful story about an American tourist being killed in Mexico hits our community. Pat Braxton was the son of Alex Varner’s collegiate xc/track coach and Alex was involved in putting the word out for his safe return. Awful, awful story. 

Jam Jam gives us a lesson on the differences between records and FKTs. Also, new cannabis friendly race in California, new entry rules for AC100, runners head to the oldest ultramarathon in the country, and we get an update on the fires.

Anyone remember this story? Top runner from Kenya lands a scholarship to U of Alaska, becomes despondent at loss of friend, and walks into woods, eventually losing his legs to frostbite. Look where he is now. Bravo Marko!

Fifteen years ago was one of the greatest NCAA XC battles ever: When Ritz outkicked Hall.

Yes! Brendan writes about the perils of trying to take home with you when you travel. Speaking of travel, after our ill-fated (and cancelled) trip to Nicaragua this summer, we pushed back my wife’s sabbatical and are looking at Colombia for next year. Anyone have experience traveling and/or running? We’ll have my kids, who’ll be 7 and 10, and plan on being gone 6 weeks.

This headline shocked me initially, but it turns out the new brew is only aged in Baltimore. Guinness is still brewed in Dublin.

List: Best trail shoes for women in 2018.

A fashion blog writes about Sri Chimnoy and, despite a few questionable assertions, does a decent job at “ultrarunning 101.” And hey, Sarah Lavender Smith gets her first quote on a fashion blog!

Compelling piece from Magness: Income inequality and how it effects youth sports.

The Angry Jogger takes a serious tone about a very real subject.

I booked a guest yesterday that has the potential to be the most interesting episode I’ve recorded. Way out of my wheelhouse or expertise, but I’m fascinated by the parallels between her taboo lifestyle and our sport and think you will be too. Sorry for being cryptic, but you’ll have to stay tuned.

Next week: I’ll do my best to post Daily News updates, but we’ll be on the road much of the week and/or celebrating the holy trinity of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  Have a good one, stay safe, and run smart.

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