Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Nov 8

Ultrarunning Mag: Larry Gassan’s large format post-race photographs from Western States will be exhibited at CSU Channel Islands starting soon.
That picture of Kaci and Stephanie gets me every time…Hear more about their incredible journey right here.

Semi-Rad: Brendan writes about doing what he loves, loving what he does, and the realities of having a job.

Treeline Journal: Three easy tips to take your running to the next level.

iRunFar: North Face Endurance Championships Mens and Women’s Previews. I dunno, just not feeling the excitement about it this year.

On the heels of the Mary Cain story this week, a Japanese Ekiden coach is busted for verbally and physically abusing boys on his team.
Similar subjects with one main difference: The school apologized and took responsibility for the indiscretions of their employee.

YouTube/Economist: Doping in athletics and why it can’t be stopped.

Another season starts where I regret not getting into cyclocross riding and racing. First step, get a proper bike.

Short day at URP HQ. Gotta go run. Have a great weekend everyone.

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