Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 12

Leor Pantilat has been taking some incredible pictures of colorful lakes in the Sierra Nevada and writing how the change in climate affects them.

Derrick Lytle and I discussed an issue similar to this one in our conversation yesterday: Where are all the MUT female photographers and filmmakers? I hope to release it today.

for every one minute spent training the body, spend two minutes training the mind. 

More from AJW on the mental strength required to succeed in this silly sport.

Thanks, but no thanks Heineken. I don’t even like you’re regular beer.

Good writeup of the finale for the Golden Trail Series in South Africa. Kilian, Sage, Ruth, Megan, and more.

It seems like we’re hearing more and more about road race cancellations, due largely to “quick buck” or inexperienced RDs. With the growth of trail events outpacing road races, you’d think we’d see a lot more issues in our sport. Are they just not reported, or are they not as frequent?

California People: Anyone have contact info for Toshi Hosaka, the recent finisher of Baldy Marathons? Hit me up. Thanks.

Arizona People: Anyone want to share a hotel or have a couch the night before Desert Solstice?

Got kids who climb? Here’s a rock climbing birthday cake idea that looks like something I could pull off.

Clare flew halfway around the world to promote a girls running program in Ethiopia in hopes of ending a vicious cycle of child marriage and no education.

One of Kipchoge’s secrets: Lots of tea.

TWIS: Vigorous activity while pregnant is good for you. Stay tuned for next week’s This Week In Science.

Alright, I’ll begrudgingly admit that there me be a tiny bit of athleticism to gaming, but I’m not calling it a sport. Watch these guys workout.

Brendan has a good old honest mountain wedding. Congratulations!

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