Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 19

This is what integrity looks like.

Excellent point: Hunters/anglers and hikers/runners need to work together to conserve what we’ve got.

Kilian hasn’t run in a month. Think he’ll win the Golden Trails final in RSA tomorrow?

He’s run more sub-2:10 marathons since 2011 than the entire running population of the United States put together. He averages 11 or 12 marathons per year (and a few ultramarathons, and loads of half-marathons), while most of his rivals run two. His goal, he said, was to destroy the status quo, to show people a different way to approach running, and life. 

More on Kawauchi and his decision to go pro.

Magatron gets ready for Big’s Backyard Ultra and uses two charities as her motivation. Check out her story.

Friday Funny: Sprinter feels like an idiot after discovering jogging, then walking.

The internet freaks out at Honnold’s Free Solo.

Short news day. New episode coming out this morning. Stay tuned.

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