Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 20

While I appreciate Homer Simpson’s advice (“You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try”), I’m more partial to this inspiring essay by Zach Miller.

Courtney Dauwalter’s 2017 season is setting her up for a UROY nod. (Here’s her twitter account.) Who’s in it for the fellas?

New Mountain Outhouse: JMT, Courtney, #stockomocko, and more.

Hmph.  GQ Magazine lists the “Ten Greatest Athletes of the Future.” Basketball, soccer, golf, gymnastics. And I’m no climbing expert, but the 16yo girl from New York is more talented than Honnold? No multisport athletes in there? Maybe even an OCR athlete? Nothing?

Great post by Dakota Jones about his first VK and what he’s willing to do for chocolate croissants.

Andy Gohlich

Didya catch our latest interview? I chatted with Andy Gohlich, the guy who won the Ultimate Direction FKT grant earlier this year, and who set out to connect 13 fourteeners in the Sierra Nevada.  We talk prep, he explains climbing terminology, we find out what ultimately went wrong, and hear about what it’s like living in a van in LA.  At the end of the interview, I describe my Vermont trip and why I was absent for a few weeks. All is good now.

That episode was sponsored by S-Fuels bars.  Looking for an LCHF-friendly bar that won’t leave you with gastric distress? Click right here for a free sample box.

#grandraid is pretty exciting. Jim’s fallen off the lead and is struggling with GI issues (update: just dropped), while Andrea Huser has an hour lead on the 2nd female.  Live (en Francais) here.

The guys from San Joaquin Running headed out onto the Rae Lakes Loop to catch up with Francois on his JMT run. This video shows the terrain and trail well…nice work!

Magness: Coach people, not numbers.

Beginner’s Guide: Measuring distance on a map.

The guys and gals over at TAUR review Sarah’s Trail Runner’s Companion and give it two toes up.

What’s this 112 year old woman having for her birthday? She’s sharing a beer with a friend. #lifegoals

What are you running this weekend? I’ve got a Sat/Sun double that should help determine where my recovery and legs are. Anxious to get out there!

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