Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 25

Treeline Journal: How to replace “I did the best I could” with “I’ll do better next time.”
What’s the one thing I ask all guests about their last race…”What’d you learn?”

WIRED: Maggie gets some non-running news coverage. Nice! Trigger warning: They mention Aspirin.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Some practical advice about planning your races and events for 2020.

Speaking of 2020, you’ve heard me rave about Mendocino 50k. Breathtaking scenery, super chill vibe, and 100% vegan. It’ll sell out in a few minutes, so put Sat, Nov 2, 9am on your calendar for registration. Race date is April 18, 2020. NFI, I just love the race.

AJW: Becoming a midpacker.

Runners World: The cup problem. I don’t have an answer, but do have an observation: Those who shout loudest about single use cups are also those who regularly fly around the world for fun.

NOP under Pete Julian will stay together. Any name ideas?

One thing I miss about having cable is Shark Tank. Jared Ward will be on next week with a new massaging therapy ball thingamajig.

SCMP: As much as I love the individualism of MUT running, team trail running is taking off in Hong Kong and I gotta admit, it sounds like fun.

Big races this weekend and nice weather if the mountains aren’t on fire. Stay safe and have fun.

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