Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 26

Compelling essay from the head of Salomon in Asia: Ultramarathon events and 100 milers are not the future of trail running…the future is in shorter, more attainable distances.  I certainly see his angle and have seen the data that shows the number of people who run one 100 miler, punch that stamp, then go back to “normal” distances. But we’ve also seen the massive increase in 200s and longer, more challenging distances and formats in a very short time. I definitely see his point and will have to wait five years to check his accuracy. What do you think?

Science vs pseudo/pop science: Isn’t it called “the bulls*t test”?

Joe is in a place many of us have been before, and many of us will be in again. Questioning his relationship with ultra/trail running, the selfishness of “big distances”, and a persistent injury that’s sapped him of his regular coping mechanism. Any words of encouragement for Joe?

I’m not a big fan of IPA, definitely not of flavored IPA, but dammit, this honey roasted peanut IPA (called IPA nut) sounds pretty delicious. Anyone in Chicago had it?

Cotton, tech, nylon…alpaca? Check out Sarah’s latest review of the Runpaca shirt by Janji. I’ve got one too and love it. Bonus: My wife says it looks good and doesn’t look “like a douchey running shirt.”

City and School Board come out swinging against a company who tried to sponsor a kids running program and marathon because they didn’t like the outspoken politics of the owner. Hmmm, whaddya think?

Running Javelina this weekend? Catra’s got some advice for you.

Don’t worry. Redbull says that ultramarathon races are a lot easier than you think.

Davy is officially my favorite MUT historian. Definitely check out his history of the 50 miler and focus on some of those times from dudes (no ladies back then) over 100 years ago. Incredible!

Cory goes on his donut fueled 100 miler while Brendan focuses on a pizza binge in NYC while running a marathon. Yep, just a normal day in our unconventional world.

I’ll admit to not be intimately acquainted with the honorary titles and awards of/from the British Empire, but I know it’s a big deal that trail and ultramarathon champ Nicky Spinks got her medal.

Adam Kimble has run all sorts of races this year and had some solid results. In this piece, he writes about preparing and running international self-supported stage races. The only experience I’ve got is with supported races and I couldn’t recommend Himalayan Run & Trek enough. Here’s my gear list from that event.

Stay tuned for two new interview next week. One with Courtney Dauwalter where we’ll chat about Big’s and what’s in her future, and one with a guy who’s run over 25 ultras this year (including the 200 Triple Crown), and has another 2 hundreds and a 48 hour before January.

Speaking of Courtney, here’s a great piece about her run at Big’s. She’s a world-class athlete who’s also a positive influence and superb ambassador for this stupid sport.

Sunday Morning I’ll be starting a strange run that’ll only make sense to people in certain cities. My plan is to start at my house at 3am and run to the nearest JUMP bike that needs a charge. I’ll run to it, then ride it back to a charging station, earning $1 credit. Then I’ll find another bike that needs a return, run to it, return it, and get another $1 credit. Repeat for six hours. Cross training AND earning a few bucks all at once. 

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