Ultramarathon Daily News, Friday, Oct. 28

18 years ago, Benoit Lecomte became the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Now he plans to be the first to swim the Pacific, from Tokyo to San Francisco.

ATRA highlights the U.S athletes that are running in the IAU Trail World Championships in Portugal. The race starts tonight at midnight (EST) and will be covered by iRunFar.

Eric’s new podcast with Adirondack mountain runner Sarah Keyes is a good one. It was great to hear from a fellow New Yorker. Plus, I always make sure to stop at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery (where Sarah used to work) when I’m up there – the Ubu Ale is worth it!

No running for this guy, but here’s a report from a 580 mile, self-supported mountain bike race around the Adirondacks. 

There’s sure to be loads of Zombie Runs, Trick-or-Trots, Halloween Hustles, and Cemetery Sprints this weekend. Meanwhile, ultrarunning’s biggest costume party is all weekend long in the Arizona desert.

A list of the best Halloween candy for runners.

Training for an ultramarathon: what it really looks like.

A self-described feminist bites the bullet and signs up for an all-women’s race, and learns some positive lessons along the way.

Here’s a quick review of Cory Resse’s (A.K.A. Fast Cory’s) book, which came out over the summer. Dean K’s book about the Spartathlon came out this week too. Anyone read it yet?

No ultramarathon content: Freestyle Trampoline Slam Dunks on a Train by the Dunking Devils. Wait, what? 

This mother of three does a nice job articulating her thoughts leading up to her first 50-miler.

Is it part of the American culture to shun pedestrianism? Is there currently a “war on walking” going on in the U.S.? This piece goes pretty deep on the subject.

The art of running films. On the topic of films, Rainshadow Running’s Trail Running Film Festival looks pretty sweet. I’m hoping to make it to the screening in Rochester, NY, on Nov. 17.

Today’s news was again compiled by guest contributor Pete Kresock. Pete lives and runs in Ithaca, NY. He works as an x-ray tech at a college health center, and part-time at Ithaca’s local running store. Pete blogs about MUT running at runningthegorges.blogspot.com. Find him on Twitter and Instagram: @UltraRunnerPete.

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