Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Oct 5

I interviewed Annie Weiss yesterday at 6am and couldn’t squeeze the Daily News in between my morning run and the interview. Sorry about that. I’ll release it today.

“Sorry, but I won the Boston Marathon,” Yuki Kawauchi told his boss. “Is it possible to have another day off?”

–NYT goes deep into my favorite marathoner. And hey, if he ever writes a book on hamburgers, I’ll buy a few copies.

Trail Sisters: How to get your long run in (and be safe!) while living on the road.

Alright, work with me on this. Here’s another silly sport that has many similarities to ultrarunning. A colorful cast of characters, the drive to “just finish”, questionable gear/clothing choices, and total and complete lack utility. Why would any person with a conventional mindset run 100 miles? Likewise, why would anyone go bog snorkeling in Wales? h/t Kris

You’ve heard Sarah on the podcast for the past few years and you know her personality. Read her latest blog post and really get to know her. What she’s done in the past ten years and how her goals for the future shape who she is now. Excellent read and worth the wait!

Here’s a teaser for the Trail Running Film Festival’s fall 2018 lineup. Can’t wait! Who’ll I see on Oct 17 in Auburn?

I got quite a few comments about the interview with Sabrina Stanley and our discussion on legal cannabis. Here’s a good article in Outside from 2 years ago about usage amongst the ultramarathon crowd.

Cross country is….

Interesting: How outdoor endurance sports trend on different social media platforms.

Things I thought would kill me during my childhood: Russians, quicksand, Freddy Krueger, Earthquakes, and mount St. Helens. Definitely Mount St. Helens. Turns out that you can run it or hike it and you won’t face impending death.


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