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I’m on one side of the mic with Tina Muir in this podcast about raising adventurous kids and the struggle many of us have with controlling our enthusiasm, and the growth of ultramarathons and URP.

…and on the other side of the mic in this new URP episode where we talk with Josh Ritter about why he DNFed the same hundred miler three times…and what he did to get it right the fourth. 

“I chased her for 181 miles,” Curtin said. “I was super amped up. I took a ton of energy drinks, but I think it was more the thrill of the chase and being neck-and-neck for two days into a race that really had me going. I didn’t mean to catch her that quickly. It was way easier to chase than to constantly look back to see how far ahead I was.

Excellent write up of the battle at Tahoe 200. Seriously, what other sports have story lines like this?

The clunky ‘this is really what you want to see’ algorithm by Twitter makes following anything that depends on chronology (like, say, a race) frustrating and impossible. Apparently we can switch back to the old version now. Woohoo!

ultramarathon study

Hips and knees, hips and knees. Gotta keep them healthy or your time on the trails is over.

Kipchoge’s ‘drink guy’ gets some media love. I agree with Gault’s analysis of why so many people connected with him: We’ve all worked aid stations and have felt that little piece of pride that we helped someone do something awesome….no matter how tiny our part was, we were there and did it well.

Running is just one foot in front of the other, right? Well, now let’s look at arm mechanics, angles, and swing, and learn how the slightest changes make a huge impact.

I downed a full pack of ramen, a quesadilla, oreos, all totaling 500+ calories, in 7 minutes, and then I was gone into the evening light across an angrily frothing White River… 

–This type of sentence makes no sense to 99.9% of the population, but it made sense to Ghelfi on his FKT of the Wonderland Trail and many of us will relate. Great read and lessons about pacing…check it out here.

DCRainmaker has long been the standard by which all product reviewers measure themselves, but he outdid even himself with this latest review of the new GoPro. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of time it took to write and produce that piece.

Put a little smile on your face and watch these 70-74yo men race to the finish of a 1500m on the track.

Gabi talks to Stephanie about food and come to a reasonable conclusion: Don’t be crazy, but eat healthy and have fun.


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