Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Sep 27

Semi-Rad: Brendan asks what’s the point to all of this? We use apps and techniques and habits to increase our efficiency, then we go out on a run and end up right back where we started. A good question wrapped up in Brendan’s funny storytelling sensibilities.

RunnersWorld: Joe Gray writes about racial disparities in distance running and offers some ideas for increasing participation. Many people will ask “I thought Africans were the best and win all the races”, but Joe’s primarily talking about MUT running here. I think. He’s got some great points about role models and Joe is doing a great job connecting with youth to increase POC participation on the trails.
It’s also a topic I brought. up with Joe when he was on the show last year.
I’m not sure where this fits into the discussion, but the Indian community has drastically increased its MUT running participation over the last decade or so (at least in CA) and I’d love to know how that happened and what lessons we could learn from it.

Doha Schmoha. Here are some trail runners that’ll be running at IAAF Championships this weekend.

FastCompany: You’ve heard me go on and on about Athletic Brewing Company and if you’ve dipped your toe into the NA scene, you’ve probably noticed how big they’re getting. Here’s a good story about their growth and the future of the industry.

GearJunkie: If you’re in Montana and looking at running in the Coal Creek or Twin Springs area, reconsider your plans. Fourth bear mauling in a short time.

Some LTPs uncover a lost and forgotten trail system behind a hospital in San Antonio Francisco and bring it back to life. Nice work, looks beautiful!

Friday Funny: New pilot program sends dogs with music to stranded trail runners.

Good get for Cadenshae. I’d never heard of the company until today and now thanks to Alysia Montano, they’re making news for all the right reasons.

Looking at a PNW trip in the Spring. Would this 42 mile jaunt along the Elwha River in Olympic NP be a good place for a run? Looks incredible.

Germany: Beer is pretty incredible, isn’t it? (And I hate to say this, but I’d like to judge how I feel about the story after I know the type of car and type of beer. Just me?)

GearJunkie: While I’ve got no aspirations of mountain climbing expeditions, this interview with sometimes-MUT-runner Adrian Ballinger is fascinating. From the talk of assistance to the growing Pakistani climbing scene, I think I understand the mindset a bit more after this interview. Well done.

Spartathlon is going on in Greece right now. Here’s some live coverage.

And speaking of Greece, Advendure Magazine (it’s Greek) interviewed my buddy Chaz Sheya who’s directing the new Ultra Trail Lake Tahoe.

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