Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Sep 8

Awesome UTMB report from Dylan Bowman. Give it a read.

Speaking of UTMB reports, I’ll release the Tim Tollefson episode later today where we cover training, hair, quads, competing with friends, bonking, patience, and why he hates the beach.


In the meantime, check out our latest episode with Clare Gallagher. What exactly happened during the time between her WS DNF and win at UTMB-CCC? What was her plan going into the race, and how did she manage the changes throughout? We also talk about using athletic influence for political activism, music, and more.

Fastpacking tarps and civvies for beginners to experts.

Three great sports bras made by women. (Are others made by men? I’m confused.)

Boston Marathon registration opens Monday.

ultramarathonAnd if you’d rather stick to the trails, be sure to check out The North Face Endurance Challenge – Utah. Held on Sep 23-24 of this year at Park City Mountain Resort and featuring myriad race distances, Clare Gallagher and Tim Olson will be there welcoming everyone to the Wasatch range. Use URP15 for a discount at checkout.

Why everyone needs a local running store. I try to support my local stores as much as possible, but I often find myself walking out because of greatly increased markup or lack of inventory. I understand they’re in a changing economy and tough situation, but it’s up to them to adapt if they want to stay in business, right? 

This silly sport of ours is pretty darn inclusive sometimes, bringing together beer drinkers and recovering alcoholics in equal measure. Here’s a new podcast that focuses on AA principles and ultramarathons.

Speaking of beer, are craft breweries the next coffeeshops?

Run Rabbit Run starts this weekend with a $12.5k prize purse. Bummed to see Fam not toeing the line, as he’s still battling injuries from his last race, but super stoked to see Michele Yates lining up.

My obsession with Swim Run events continues unabated. Are there any domestically? I’m ready to sign up.

If you build it, the Dutch will pedal.

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