Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday the Thirteenth Edition

First alcohol was good for you, then bad. Good in small amounts, now bad again. Surely  this can be balanced out by the running though, right?

Injured or been inured? (You’re a runner, of course you have.) Here’s Sarah’s latest post about how she’s doing after falling off her horse (literal, not proverbial.) And hey, she’s seeing URP guest Dr. Hal Rosenberg!

“If I’m going to recover, I’m going to bloody recover,” he said. “I’m going to push the boundaries and come back as soon as I can, as best I can, and try to be even better than before. Why not?”

–And then there’s this guy. Not long after getting out of a halo due to a busted vertebrae, he’s aiming for a 2:50 at Boston on Monday.


Check out our latest interview with Jared Hazen. What’s his strategy for getting the Golden Ticket this weekend at Lake Sonoma? Run smart, and go for the win.

Cool story about one of my favorite runners on the scene: Gay, black, crazy fast, and sporting a speedo…Coree Woltering. Our interview with him from 2016 is right here

Here’s your feel good story for Friday…brought to you by Semi-Rad’s Brendan.

And here’s your daily motivation for Friday, courtesy Jennifer Pharr Davis: Go find your long trails.

Check out the latest Mountain Outhouse: Ann Trason, Cory Reese, Dylan Bowman, Dooper, etc. (My favorite part happens at the 9:02 mark.)

More on Ann right here.

This was going on early on in my ultramarathon career and I’ll admit to not grasping the significance at the time, but man, am I happy to read this now: AJW profiles Kyle Skaggs’ totally bonkers Hardrock from 2008. Smashing Speedgoat’s record, going under 24, and winning by six hours, it was also a harbinger of the minimalist movement that’d shadow the scene for a few years.

Can a woman finish Barkley? I dunno, if Bev Abbs (IRF profile here) can’t do it, it’s gonna take one hell of a performance to pull it off. (But I s’pose that goes for any Barkley finish…)

The best, most awesome, most humble and greatest ultramarathon runner in the universe is running a marathon in Texas next weekend.

You’ve heard and read about Ben’s love for the Naked Running Belt. Ultrarunning Magazine compares it to another popular belt right here.

I’ll be at Tropical John’s dinner tonight with a very special date. Hope to see some of you there.


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