Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday the Thirteenth

Want to have a more successful (and happy) race? Three great tips from Amelia Boone.

Big Johnny Burton’s report from Western is replete with bomb-throwing humor, but the underlying message is there: You don’t have to train like a maniac to buckle at a hundred miler.

You weren’t doing any real work on Friday, were you? CHECK THIS OUT: A spreadsheet that show the chronology of significant events related to going fast in the mountains.

It’s a darn good reason to do what we do: Because it’s hard. AJW explains.

Follow along with Vol State on this handy spreadsheet.

I’ve been linking to Davy Crockett’s essays on the history of ultramarathon running, and now he’s got a dedicated website and podcast. Check it out.

We’re headed to the Dalmation Coast next summer for my wife’s sabbatical. Great timing for this article about trail running in Croatia!

Cayuga Trails is next weekend and is billed as the USATF 50M Trail Championships. Here’s a list of the elite runners. A question…and one I’ve asked many times before: What does USATF need to do to make its races more appealing to elite runners? Increased stipend for travel? Larger prize purse? Any thoughts? I’m no USATF fanboy, just curious what it would take to have a semi-legitimate “championship” race.

A pretty good (and fair) article on Kilian that I’m sure will make some people hysterical.

New podcast episode coming out before noon. Stay tuned.

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