Ultramarathon Daily News, Friday the Thirteenth

The A-Z of ultramarahon culture.

Cyclists Don’t Count as Road, Users, Argues Transport Secretary.  Oh settle down, it’s not the incoming US administration.

New podcast! Check out the latest episode with Mike Wardian where we discuss his plan to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.  We talk logistics, nutrition, sleep, airlines, and the cost of such a race.  In the episode I also ask questions about Mike’s sponsors–how he gets them, what he does for them–and then we discuss what his plans are for 2017.  The epic mega painful slam is just getting started!

The UROY awards are voted on subjectively by a group of runners and writers, while Jay Friedman uses an objective formula to determine the best ultrarunners in the country. What do you think of his findings for 2016? More or less accurate than ultrarunning magazine’s list?

While you’re reading Sarah’s post about ten sites every MUT runner should follow, open up a new window and vote for her blog in the RunUltra Blogger Awards.  

I haven’t been to these slot canyons in Arizona, but this photo gallery has me looking at flights already.

The thing about races is that keeping going is hard, and while there’s no real reward for those of us who keep going, if anything, we earn the peace of mind that is linked to finishing something that we started. 

Good race report from Ancient Oaks 100.

Cool story of VI ultrarunning dad who’s guided by his autistic son.

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Speaking of “work”, though mine is at home, I envy people who run commute to their place of business. Here’s a profile of a mom in Texas who gets the miles in.

2016 was a great year for women’s MUT running, and 2017 is looking even better according to the Trail Sisters.

Here’s an excellent two part series on Ed Whitlock with some great quotes.

Throwback Friday: Here’s the URP Daily News from approximately four years ago, and here’s last years’ Friday the 13th Edition.

Tons of information (and an excellent comment section) on proper running biomechanics.

And looking for a thorough shoe review? Ben gives the Brooks Caldera trail shoe a good look and delves into details and comparisons that real shoe geeks will appreciate.  Got a trail shoe you’d like to see him review? Let me know.

Hey ladies! Looking for an all female ultramarathon in an exotic place? There’s a female 50k in the Philippines that’s calling your name.   I ran the conversion, and entry fee is about 36 bucks.

Personal note: Seeing sports med again today to discuss strained ligament (or whatever the heck it is) in my right knee.  No running for awhile for sure.

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