Ultramarathon Daily News | Funsday? April 17nd?

Check out Sarah’s (cancelled, of course) presentation of lessons she’s learned from the trails. It’s 20 narrated slides and each slide is exactly 20 seconds long. Love the format!

Boooooo! Mt Marathon postponed to a “later date.”

Comrades was just officially postponed too.

Already broken three times this year, there’s a new new new mens 50k treadmill record. With so many people indoors right now, I’m guessing this gets lowered a few more times in the next month.

Is there a definitive answer for an accepted women’s record? All I can find is Arielle Fitzgeralds’s 3:51 that she ran in 2016, but I’m sure there’s something quicker. Right? Steeltown Runner? Know anything?

I shared this post last week about how certain mountain athletes are coping with this shutdown. I can’t believe no one noticed (or commented) that Anton Krupicka was gearing up for a Golden Ticket this Spring so he could run Western again. Wow!
Damn you, Corona virus. Daaaaaamn you!

I’d never seen this four-ear-old Brooks commercial/video before and it’s fantastic and timely. Check it out. h/t Martin

Been digesting the new Fiona Apple album since yesterday and overall it’s fantastic. Not every track, but as a collective piece, one of her best.

Sydney Morning Herald: Take a few minutes and read this article from 1985 when the GOAT Yiannis Kouros ran his first (of five) Sydney to Melbourne (600 miles) wins. For that win, he pocketed $20k. Why did we stop offering big money in ultras?

Dax Ross: New reality with wife working in the ER, kids at home, and trails across the street.

When you’re done here, head on over to Brendan’s Friday Inspiration for more fun.

Neel takes us on fun trail run in the Indian mountains. I’ve run on very similar trails and it takes me back. Neel, what part of the country is this?

How many 5 mile laps can you/I run in twelve hours? I’m just shooting for fifty miles. You in?

Here’s the URP Daily News from this date in 2014. Fun reports from Sage, Zach, the other Zach, and Liza, and the eBay post from Jared Hazen’s Western States buckle.

NYT: Does exercise help or hinder our body’s ability to fight off infection? It depends, of course.

Big Happy 70th birthday to my mom! She’s a competitive runner, a solid beer drinker, and has put up with more of my sh*t over the years than I thought possible. Want to hear more? I interviewed her about training and staying competitive right here. Happy Birthday mom!

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