Ultramarathon Daily News | Halloween Edition

Excellent essay about sustaining a major injury on a run, surgeries, and the mental fortitude of recovery.  There are inherent risks in trail and ultramarathon running and he’s been there and back. Great read.

Holy cow, if this is the future of running (and hell, society), we’re in a good place and will all be alright. Wow.

And after that? Linden says she still won’t be done running. She’d like to take a crack at some trail races and ultramarathons, and while she wants to be competitive, Linden doesn’t believe that her success in the marathon guarantees success at the longer distances.
“I think it’s a totally different sport,” Linden says. “I think it’s like taking an 800-meter person and saying they’ll be the best marathoner. I have a ton of respect for those guys and I don’t think it’s an easy transition at all.”

Des Linden looking at trail and ultramarathons in the future. Giddy the hell up!

I’ve been hiking, camping, paddling, riding, running, adventuring, boating, and traveling with women my entire life and have never once seen anyone use one of these things.

You’re still an outdoorsman when you’re in a wheelchair. Good article that shows the humanity of those we see on the trail when we sometimes don’t know what to say.

The $12 Patreon partner/producers got an early release of our interview with Courtney Dauwalter yesterday. I’ll release it to everyone else today. Stay tuned…it’s a fun chat with arguable the best ultramarathon runner we’ve seen in a long time.

One of those topics with lots of opinions but no real answers: How young is too young to run an ultramarathon? I don’t have the answer, but 15yo Luke Sanchez just finished Javelina and seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. 

More likely to mouth off at other road users – This includes cyclists who can be very angry people too and they have their silly little GoPro cams they use to shame tossers. I don’t want to be a YouTube sensation after calling one of them an awful dayglo hippy c*nt.

…and other reasons why running angry is a bad idea, courtesy of the Angry Jogger.

Want some more inspiration for your day? Be sure to watch this video of Dan Whitehead and his experience with Crohn’s Disease and running TDS this year. Synopsis: He’s thankful for the disease. Take 10 minutes and check it out. Powerful stuff.

Stop talking about gender barriers in outdoor and adventure sports: There aren’t any.

(Sorry Reykjavik)

How much do you focus on your running form? Is it really that important?

Noted dietitians Beyonce and Tom Brady swear by alkaline water. Should you?

Happy Halloween, but keep your damn candy corn. Yuck.

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