Ultramarathon Daily News | Halloween Edition

Canadian Running: Does Maurten really work? What does the science show?

Want to see XC in the Olympic Games? Here’s why we probably never will. Nice and thorough article.

Speaking of XC, this HS girl has a great approach to racing and conquering adversity. Hope to see her on the trails one day…she’s got a great attitude. And top five scorers in the top ten…dang!

SCMP: Who knew that a Turkish trail runner had more YouTube subscribers than any trail runner in North America?

HOKA named presenting sponsor of Western States Endurance Run. I sure hope no crazy people lodge spurious racial claims against any volunteers.

Gear Junkie: Heli-trail running. Hell yes.

Golden Tickets: Surprised to see the list unchanged from last year.

Interesting discussion: Why are Jamaicans the fastest runners in the world? But there’s no other reason? Really?

iRunFar: Powerful essay about running with Leukemia. Time for my pity party to end.

Ever wanted to be a professional backpacking guide? Now’s your chance.

Podium Runner: Ryan Hall talks about Sarah’s success in the marathon. Stay for the passive aggressive comment about the shoes.

I posted an early release of my interview with Sabrina Stanley to $5+ Patrons yesterday and will release it to everyone else tomorrow. What a story she’s got!

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