Ultramarathon Daily News | Halloween Edition

This article by Koop is speaking to me directly: How to get back to racing ultramarathons.

Corey Bellemore breaks his own WR to lower the Beer Mile record to 4:33. Be sure to check out the video. Is that Sam Robinson in there too?

Oiselle is targeting podiums at big relays around the country. Who’d you put on the team? I don’t know though…the athletes will be required to pay for entry, travel, etc?

I love this idea: In an attempt to point out the ridiculousness of gerrymandered districts from both sides, this 5k takes a crazy route from start to finish.

Five trail races you probably don’t know about…but should.

Fascinating article about the development of “magic exercise pills” currently being developed.

Something guys don’t have to deal with: This woman stopped running completely in an attempt to get her period back after more than a decade. How’d it go?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout provides some good context for this weekends NYC Marathon.

Excellent piece on the ten year anniversary of Ryan Shay’s death and how Alicia (Vargo, formerly Shay) has endured the pain and change. Alicia is one tough woman both on and off the track/road/trail. Here’s our interview wth Alicia from earlier this year where we talk about diet and nutrition and here’s our interview from a few years ago when she was just getting into trail ultras.

Mo splits with AlSal, but by the sound of things, they hadn’t been working very close together recently.

Visually impaired runner using new GPS navigation system will run NYC Marathon without a sighted guide.

REI is hosting the #optoutside campaign on the day after Thanksgiving again.

Interested in 200s? Here’s the new trailer for the Tahoe 200 with info on registration.

Definitely a harbinger of more to come: Harpoon Brewing parent company acquires smaller Clown Shoes Brewing. As the micro/nano brewing industry shakes itsself out, larger companies will go on a spending spree for smaller competitors.  And in more beer news, Corona’s parent company buys a major stake in a Canadian cannabis company. Suddenly, the beer mile just got a lot more interesting, didn’t it?

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