Ultramarathon Daily News | Mersday? April 20nd?

iRunFar: Catching up with Geoff Roes. (URP interview here…the only episode that I didn’t appear on.) This takes me back for sure, as I was only a few years into MUT running when Roes bust onto the scene and started winning everything. Reserved and somewhat mysterious, he’d train up in Alaska, then fly down for races and dominate them.
What always stood out to me was how deep his skillset went. Who else could win races as varied as Susitna, BEAR, HURT, Western States, NorthFace, Zane Grey, and the damn Iditarod 350 miler? Geoff did.

Outside: A journalist embeds in Army Ranger school and writes about his experience, making comparisons to Barkley Marathons.
Green Beret Mike Morton stands out as a special forces veteran who used his training to excel in MUT and there’s obviously David Goggins, but are the others out there?

There were/are quite a few e-races going on right now. Anyone have results?

Ultrarunning history: Davy highlights the incredible life of Charlie Trayer, a marathon and ultra standout in the 70s and 80s who’s largely credited with launching the United States onto the world stage.

What I learned this weekend: Don’t flag a xc course with orange tape when it’s California poppy season. D’oh!

Men’s Health: How to keep your energy up and your mind focused when you don’t know when the race will end.

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