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Ultramarathon News: Monday, April 10, 2017

Excellent advice: What Chris Mocko wishes he knew before his first ultramarathon.

Just like in an ultramarathon distance, life has it’s bumps and blips and it’s our ability to adapt and overcome them that makes it special.  Here’s Scotty’s latest installment from the trailhead.

Cole Watson beats Max King in road 10 miler.  I’m anxious to see more from this guy.  Fast legs, coached Trails and Tarmac, and pretty solid on the trails.

Maybe the next ultramarathon diet trend? Bugs.

Gift idea or a new read for you? Ten books on hiking and nature written by women.

DBo bags a 100 mile win in Croatia, Caroline takes National Champion honors in the 100k, and URP reviewer Jade wins a 50k in Southern California.  All the weekend running ultramarathon and trail results from Justin/iRunFar.

Are you enjoying reading Rickey Gates’ musings from the road/trail/river as much as I am?  I hope he keeps them up along his entire journey. #transamericana

Kaci Lickteig Unidentified runner at Western States river crossing, 2014.

Avery Collins and Dave Mackey sit down to discuss the whole PED thing.  I haven’t listened to it and probably won’t so someone fill me in?

Walmsley punched his ticket to Western with a Golden Ticket win at Gorge Waterfalls, making the lead up to late June all the more exciting. Full results here. I saw the excitement of Jurek, then Anton, Geoff, Timothy, and Rob, but Jim seems to be on a different level.  Do you agree?

One could argue that if such a thing as a mountain-ultra-trail running aptitude exam exists, then that test is the Barkley Marathons.

Here’s Brandon Stapanowich’s report from Barkley.  And here’s our interview with Brandon from 2014 after he completed Nolan’s 14.

Speaking of Barkley, I recorded an interview with finisher John Kelly on Friday and will release later today.  You want stories of despair and fatigue? Got it!

Amy writes about running while female.  Some friends and I just had a discussion about this last night…whether single women feel safer running in the middle of nowhere (no people, no bad guys) or more near people (more people, possible bad guys.)  The women in our group all chose the latter.  How about you?

This travel writer had a tough assignment: Go out and find the best surf and yoga retreats around the world.

CleanSport: Is it a lack of will or a lack of way that’s preventing sports from cleaning up its act?

The most popular Spotify songs, according to sport.

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