Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Apr 11

Ultramarathon News From Around the World:

Here are Justin/IRF’s results from a full weekend of ultramarathon and trail races.

And here are my quick thoughts and pics from a full day at Lake Sonoma.

And here’s a recap from TrailRunner mag and Billy Yang.

Is your injury psychosomatic?

Karl Meltzer at mile 19 of Lake Sonoma.

If you live in Worcester Mass, I envy you.  Anyone going?

Rather than allowing women to compete in the 50k race walk, wouldn’t we have been better served if the IAAF decided that no one could?

Tahoe200 is now a Hardrock qualifier.  Gulp.

Here’s a story about Gary Robbins’ Barkley adventure last weekend. I’ll be releasing a podcast today with Gary where we talk about Barkley, Squamish, hockey, poutine, and how to be a good pacer for someone’s first hundred miler.  I had a blast talking with Gary and am confident you’ll enjoy the interview.

Awesome: Sam writes about being a non-elite runner who’s dating an elite female.  How different is her race day from his?

Everything you know about running shoes is wrong.

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